Jim 1990s

Aired: 1998-1999 (UPN)Legacy

DAD: Ned Logan (Brett Cullen) / Widower(?)

DAD’S JOB: Strong Progressive Patriarch (that’s a job?)

KIDS: Sean Logan(Grayson McCouch), Clay Logan (Jeremy Garrett), Alice Logan (Lea Moreno), Lexy Logan (Sarah Rayne), Street-Smart 17-year-old Orphan Boy (Ron Melendez), Sporty Logan, Posh Logan (Sorry, skip those last two)

WHERE’S MOM?: Unknown.

STAND-IN “MOM”: Unknown

Friday at 8 in 1998 was the Hour of TV Single Dadness. This show was up against the aforementioned Two of a Kind.

UPN told it this way:

Set in the rolling hills of 1880’s Kentucky, this sprawling drama focuses on the Logan Family; horse ranchers living in the rapidly changing late 19th century.

Led by Ned, a strong patriarch with firm progressive beliefs, this family includes Sean, the eldest son, with political aspirations and a secret love that could threaten his dreams; Clay, the hard-working, yet sometimes hot-tempered son; Alice, the very proper but conflicted daughter who’s searching for her own identity; and Lexy, the youngest, but possibly the most willful and unpredictable Logan of all, who offers a wide-eyed perspective of the times.

Add to this mix a street-smart 17-year-old orphan who joins the family, charms the girls, and butts heads with the boys. Together this family will struggle to maintain their values and grounding in a rapidly changing, opportunistic world — something every modern family faces today.