Guys Like Us

Jim 1990s

Aired: 1998-1999 (UPN)Guys Like Us

DAD: Jared Harris (Bumper Robinson) / Single Older Brother

DAD’S JOB: Unknown

KIDS: Maestro Harris (Maestro Harrell) (6)

WHERE’S MOM?: Unknown.

STAND-IN “MOM”: Possibly Brigette Cole (Tammy Townsend) / Schoolteacher, or Sean Barker (Chris Hardwick) / Roommate

I just wanted to be there when the introductions were made on set: “Maestro — Bumper. Bumper — Maestro.”

Cribbing from UPN’s fact sheet: Jared and Sean are a couple of wild and swingin’ guys until Jared’s 6-year-old brother comes to live with them. Things don’t turn out too grim because the kid is better than having a Golden Retriever when it comes to meeting women. Predictable? Sure, but so was Three’s Company, and people watched THAT.

There’s something really weird about this show’s video quality — it’s like it’s shot on tape and put to film, like a kinescope or something. I see that same weirdness when you watch Shelby Woo on Nickelodeon.