Brother’s Keeper

Jim 1990s

Aired: 1998-1999 (ABC)Brother's Keeper

DAD: Porter Wade (William Ragsdale) / Widower(?)

DAD’S JOB: English Professor

KID: Oscar (Justin Cooper) (6)

WHERE’S MOM?: Unknown.

STAND-IN “MOM”: Bobby Wade (Sean O’Bryan) / Uncle

Yet ANOTHER Professor Dad show! Notice that the dad in this series was none other than William Ragsdale, who played the title appendage in “Herman’s Head” a few years back. Another graduate of the Kevin Arnold School of Staring-During-a-Voice-Over. ABC sez:

Porter Wade (William Ragsdale), a straight-laced English professor, is happy raising his eight-year-old son, Oscar (Justin Cooper, “Liar Liar”), on his own in Northern California. But he and Oscar don’t know what’s in store for them when Porter’s brother Bobby (Sean O’Bryan) unexpectedly arrives in town with a new multi-million-dollar contract with the 49ers. Bobby is a notorious bad boy in the NFL, and there’s a catch to his lucrative new deal. In order to reform his trouble-making habits, Bobby must live with a responsible party. And, of course, the most responsible person Bobby knows is his dependable brother, Porter!

An Axelrod/Widdoes Production in association with Studios USA Television. Jonathan Axelrod, James Widdoes and Donald Todd are executive producers. Also starring Bess Meyer.

Update May 19, 1999: In a clean sweep of their 1998 TV Single Dad series, ABC announced that Brother’s Keeper isn’t being kept in the schedule. Toodles, Wade Family!