Flesh ‘n’ Blood

Jim 1990s

Flesh ‘n’ Blood 1990 NBC

DAD: Arlo Weed (David Keith) / Widower

DAD’S JOB: Mooch

KIDS: King (Chris Stacy) (16), Beauty (Meghan Andrews) (11)

WHERE’S MOM?: Dead – unknown reason

STAND-IN “MOM”: Rachel Brennan (Lisa Darr) / Aunt – District Attorney

Okay, you’re thinking: Thursday night lead-in on NBC’s brand-spankin’ Must-See-TV lineup of Cheers, Wings, and the L.A. Law slot. So NO show could be a miss, right? WRONG. To put it briefly, this show was Ally McBeal meeting The Beverly Hillbillies. Except it just could NOT get itself in gear.David Keith, the man made famous by swallowing a diamond ring in An Officer and a Gentleman, played dirtbag Arlo Weed, the long-lost brother of District Attorney Rachel Brennan. Arlo and his two near-teen knockoff children, patterned on Elly May Clampett and Jethro Bodine, moved in with the unobliging Rachel to “share the wealth.” The hijinks never ensued, however. Cap this one off with a theme song by Leon Russell AND David Keith (!!) and you have an easy recipe for a cratering disaster.

Some day, someone will write a book about the Bad Show Choices of NBC, hopefully naming it, “What on EARTH Were They THINKING??