Jim 1990s

1991-95 NBC

DAD: Nick Russo (Ted Wass) / Divorced

DAD’S JOB: Musician

KIDS: Blossom (Mayim Bialik) (16), Joey (Joey Lawrence) (17), Anthony (Michael Stoyanov) (20-something)

WHERE’S MOM?: (Melissa Manchester) Divorced, lives in Paris

STAND-IN “MOM “: Nick’s last-season wife, Carol (Finola Hughes)

Update: Mom’s alive! A few readers of this page pointed out a 2-hourBlossom TV movie where Blossom went and lived with her mom in Paris for a while – well, for two hours. And guess who Mom is? Melissa Manchester!(A tip of the Fred MacMurray Memorial pipe to “” for the latest info.)

And thanks again to Katie Burell ( for the info on Blossom’s “stand-in mom” and the eldest Russo child. Thanks again, Katie!

Update #2: Lee Yancey wrote in with some interesting “inside” info about Blossom’s pilot episodes:

“Speaking as a person who worked as a lighting technician occasionally on Blossom, I can tell you that the show debuted in January of 1991 and concluded in May of 1995. The January episode was the second pilot, having Ted Wass replacing Richard Masur (Masur is currently the president of the Screen Actors Guild!) as the father, and they deleted Barrie Youngfellow as the mother as well, in this second pilot.”“Also, actress Paige Pengra played Maddy Russo (the mother) in early flashback episodes.”

A tip of Mrs. Livingston’s Memorial Duster to Lee Yancey (PAWS@PRODIGY.NET) for the info (including getting the decade right!) on Blossom. Thanks, Lee!

Update #3: Please don’t write to me about a 1990 FOX series with Mayim Bialik called Molloy — her dad was MARRIED in that show, a fact that seems to elude past viewers of that show. Thanks!