A Family for Joe

Jim 1990s

Aired: 1990 NBC

DAD: Joe Whitaker (Robert Mitchum) / Single Homeless Guy

DAD’S JOB: Homeless Guy

KIDS:Nick Bankston (David Lascher) (16), Holly Bankston (Juliette Lewis) (15), Chris Bankston (Ben Savage) (9), Mary Bankston (Jessica Player) (7)

WHERE’S MOM?: Mom and Dad dead – unknown

STAND-IN “MOM”: Roger Hightower (Barry Gordon) / Neighbor

A great way to kick off the decade is to try parenthood-by-coercion. Joe was a homeless guy in need of a home. The Bankston kids lost their rich parents and were going to be forced to live in orphanages and foster care unless they could produce an adult, like a grandpa or something, to live in their house. Voila! Instant Sitcom!

Oh, what a TEDIOUS, “heartwarming” show this was. A mid-season replacement, this show didn’t survive the summer. Robert Mitchum’s TV swan song sank into ratings oblivion.

Side note: In the pilot episode, Nick was played by Chris Furrh, Holly was played by Maia Brewton, and Chris was played by Jarrad Paul. I guess they only liked Jessica Player from the original cast to play Mary.