Complete Savages

Jim 2000s

Aired: 2004-2005 ABC Complete Savages

DAD: Nick Savage (Keith Carradine) / Unknown Marital Status

DAD’S JOB: Unknown

KIDS: Sam (Andrew Eiden), Jack (Shaun Sipos), Chris (Erik von Detten), Kyle (Evan Ellingson), T.J.(Jason Dolley), Jimmy(Vincent Ventresca)

WHERE’S MOM?: Unknown

STAND-IN “MOM”: 20 fired housekeepers

The rumors were true: Mel Gibson’s first production after The Passion of the Christ was a show about a TV Single Dad. As Executive Producer, not on-screen talent, though.

ABC explains:

Meet the Savage brothers. They smell. They’re slobs. And they love it that way. Executive producer Mel Gibson’s real life experiences of raising a brood of boys provide the basis for a take-no-prisoners comedy.

Raised by their single dad, the Savage boys have had a succession of housekeepers – over 20 at last count – to pick up after them. Well, today that comes to an end. Dad Nick wants his boys to learn the skills women don’t seem to take so much joy in anymore – you know, cooking, cleaning, laundry. Somehow this dad is going to turn his loutish boys into independent men, the kind any girl could take home to her mother. This is going to be some battle because Nick, just like his sons, is still a boy at heart.

Producers Mike Scully and Julie Thacker Scully, writers for “The Simpsons,” add their own family experience into the mix for a funny, honest take on raising kids. It reminds us that children come with their own personalities and problems, and that none of them comes with instructions.