Raising Dad

Jim 2000s

Aired: 2001-2002 The WB Raising Dad

DAD: Matt? or Mark? (Bob Saget) / Widower

DAD’S JOB: English teacher

KIDS: Sarah (Kat Dennings) (15), and Emily (Brie Larson)(12?)


STAND-IN “MOM”: Live-in Dad, Sam (Jerry Adler)

Long before Kat Dennings was one of Two Broke Girls, and decades before Brie Larson was Captain Marvel, there was Raising Dad.

Welcome back to the formula we’ve seen in so many returning-TV-Dad actors’ careers: the clueless TV Single Dad, trying to corral his teenage daughters. Didn’t work for The Tom Arnold ShowThe Tony Danza Show, or Greg Evigan’s Home Rules, but maybe THIS will be the winner series. But starting at -9:30- on a FRIDAY? With a new REBA MCINTYRE series as a lead-in? Good luck, Bob. This show had “cancel me NOW” in every TV listing.

Odd random fact: eldest daughter Kat Dennings shares the exact date of birth as Bob Saget’s other TV daughters – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen of Full House fame.

Here’s how the WB was spinning the show (if only they’d settled on a name for Bob’s character):

The ultimate Friday night dad, Bob Saget, makes his triumphant return to television in the new family friendly comedy from Jonathan Katz (DR. KATZ, PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST). In the tradition of GILMORE GIRLS, RAISING DAD presents a modern family with warmth and humor.

Saget plays Matt, a widower, doing his best to raise two precocious young daughters – Sarah and Emily – with a little help from his live-in dad, Sam. With adolescence rearing its ugly head, the last thing 15-year-old Sarah needs is her father looking over her shoulder 24/7. Unfortunately, as the English teacher at Sarah’s high school, Mark is doing just that… and it’s taking its toll on their relationship. Meanwhile, as he struggles to do his job without ruining Sarah’s social life, Mark is completely unaware that he has his own secret admirer within the school’s faculty. Between family melodrama and the traumas of teenhood, there is little sanity in sight for Mark or Sarah.

From creator Jonathan Katz and Paramount Television Production.

UPDATE 14 May 2002: Sorry, folks – – the WB buried this series out back after a single season. Odd, as the ratings did seem to support it continuing. That’s show biz.