Jim 1980s

Aired: 1986-90 NBC

DAD: Gus (voiced by Edmund Gilbert)/Widower

DAD’s KIDS: Christopher "Kissyfur" (voiced by R.J. Williams, then Max Mier)/under-teen

DAD’s JOB: Ferryboat operator and recovering circus bear

WHERE’S MOM?: Dead somehow. Imagine a horrible circus death.

STAND-IN MOM: Miss Emmy Lou / Teacher of Bears

In the pit of squirming, "pro-social" Saturday-morning cartoons that existed during the 80’s, none could have had a more nails-on-chalkboard name than this series. Just as Beaver Cleaver’s name was a corruption of "Theodore," so did poor Christopher’s mangling of his moniker cause the hideous nickname to be forever associated with this poor cub.

Episodes of this series are strangely available in Wal-Mart cut-out racks on occasion. I have no idea why someone would think of this series as something to be visited upon a child more than once.

A wave of the Papa Smurf Memorial Floppy White Hat to Joseph Doyle, who sent in piles of info on this series. Thanks, Joseph!

Update: Just received a note concerning this review:


I believe you missed the point of my series, it was for single parent children (mostly boys) not for critics like yourself.

Creator of Kissyfur,

Phil Mendez

Fair enough. My son (who was right in the middle of the show’s demographic during the series’ run) agrees with Mr. Mendez. Of course, my son can’t sit through a single episode of Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse (one of *my* personal favorites Back in the Day) without making finger-down-throat gestures, so there’s many differences of opinion here at the Fortress of Smug.