Jim 1980s

Dads 1986-87 NBC

DAD #1: Rick Armstrong (Barry Bostwick)

DAD #1’s JOB: Obituary writer for a Philadelphia newspaper

DAD #1’s KIDS: Kelly (Skye Bassett)(13)

DAD #2: Louie Mangiotti (Carl Weintraub)

DAD #2’s JOB: Stonemason

DAD #2’s KIDS: Kenny (12)(Jason Naylor), Allan (Eddie Castrodad)(16)

WHERE’S MOM#1 AND MOM#2?: Dead. And Dead.


Through the auspices of the Museum of TV and Radio, I’ve managed to see an episode of this series.

Dad Rick and Daughter Kelly move into widower Louie’s Philly house. Louie is a more-experienced TV Single Dad, having lost wife Louise (Louie and Louise?) several years earlier. Wacky hijinks, of course, ensue when Louie attempts to teach new TV Single Dad Rick how to be a better Single Dad.

Theme music by Alf Clausen, who gave the world much of the incidental music of The Simpsons.