I’m a Big Girl Now

Jim 1980s

Aired: 1980-81 ABC

DAD: Dr. Benjamin Douglass, DDS (Danny Thomas) / Abandoned-Separated?

DAD’S JOB: Dentist

KIDS: Diana Cassidy (Diana Canova) (20-ish)

WHERE’S MOM?: Ran off with Dr. Douglass’s partner

STAND-IN "MOM": Don’t know.

This is one of those bend-the-definition-around-the-plot shows in order to qualify for the Hall of Fame.

Here’s the detail: Dr. Douglass’s wife runs off with his partner, leaving him alone in a big house. Meanwhile, Dr. Douglass’s daughter, Diana, gets a divorce at the same time. So, in paraphrasing The Odd Couple: Can two divorced Douglasses share a house, without driving each other crazy?

I get mail arguing about this show sometimes, claiming that Diana shouldn’t count under the Mindy McConnell Rule – that she is self-sufficient and is not living "under" her father’s rule. My ruling? It *does* count – the house is in Dr. Douglass’s name and she’s living under his roof. If you disagree, go build your own website. Sheesh.

Of note is that the show is produced by Paul Junger Witt and Tony Thomas, creators of Ms. Canova’s previous television outing, Soap.