The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters

Jim 1950s - 1960s

Aired: 1963-64

DAD: Doc Sardius McPheeters(Dan O’Herlihy) / Widower?

DAD’S JOB: Traveling Doctor

KIDS: Jaimie McPheeters (Kurt Russell) (12)

WHERE’S MOM?: Unknown

STAND-IN “MOM”: Mrs. Kissel? (Meg Wylie)/ traveling companion

Long before he was Snake Pliskin, Kurt Russell was lovable Jaimie McPheeters, crossing the Rockies in a wagon train with his shifty dad, played by a stovepipe-hat-wearing Dan O’Herlihy.

Don’t cry because the series was cancelled, because these actors had to move on with their careers. Kurt became the Official Teenage Kid of Walt Disney movies, Dan O’Herlihy would become the Voice of Kraft Music Hall on NBC, and Meg Wylie would become one of those big-headed aliens with the pulsing vein on her head in Star Trek. See? Every ending is a beginning.

A tip of the Richard Mulligan Memorial Speculum to Gary Bradford for the tip about this series. Thanks, Gary!