My Son Jeep

Jim 1950s - 1960s

Aired: 1953

DAD: Dr. Robert Allison (Jeffrey Lynn) / Widower

DAD’S JOB: M.D. (like Donna Reed’s husband)

KIDS: Peggy (13) (Betty Lou Keim), Jeep (10) (Martin Huston)


STAND-IN “MOM”: Mrs. Bixby (Leona Powers) / housekeeper

Another half-year wonder, this show was a precursor of Leave It to Beaver, but without June Cleaver. Jeep Allison got into the same kind of mishaps Beaver Cleaver would in the latter part of the decade, and Dr. Allison would have to sort out the mess when he got home from the office.

The repetitive motif of the kids finding suitable “new moms” for Dad to date pops up in this show. Jeep was always trying to get Dad to show some interest in his substitute teacher, Miss Miller (Anne Sargent). Wacky hijinks ensued.