Regular Joe

Jim 2000s

Aired: March-April 2003 ABC Regular Joe

DAD: Joe Herman (Daniel Stern) / Recent Widower

DAD’S JOB: Hardware Store Owner

KIDS: Grant (John Francis Daley)(17), Joanie (Jackie Tohn)(19)

WHERE’S MOM?: Freshly dead

STAND-IN “MOM”: Baxter Herman (Judd Hirsch) / Grandpa

Hit me again.

Daniel Stern crashed and burned two years before in Danny, a TV Single Dad show that cratered in four weeks on CBS. So next, he repeated this accomplishment on ABC? Four episodes, with two remaining episodes that didn’t air, even as summer schedule-fillers.

John Francis Daley seems also destined to be a short-lived TV Single Dad Show icon – – this is the second time he’s played the son of a TV Single Dad (first time being his brief role on The Geena Davis Show).

ABC put it this way:

Daniel Stern and Judd Hirsch return to network television comedy in the new family series “Regular Joe” on the ABC Television Network.

In the series, Daniel Stern stars as recent widower Joe Herman who lives with his teenage son, Grant, his daughter, Joanie, and Joanie’s infant daughter, Zoe. Now playing the role of both parents, Joe has his hands full as he helps Grant (John Francis Daley) navigate the treacherous waters of high school and Joanie (Jackie Tohn) – a sardonic college freshman – face the trials and triumphs of single motherhood. Complicating his life further are his well-meaning but intrusive father, Baxter (Judd Hirsch), and Sitvar (Brian George), the high-strung employee at his hardware store.

“Regular Joe” stars Daniel Stern as Joe Herman, Judd Hirsch as Baxter, John Francis Daley as Grant Herman, Jackie Tohn as Joanie Herman and Brian George as Sitvar.

“Regular Joe” is created by David Litt. The series’ executive producers are David Litt, Nina Wass and Gene Stein. Produced by Touchstone Television, the half-hour sitcom is taped before a studio audience at the CBS Radford Center in Studio City, California.