Citizen Baines

Jim 2000s

Aired: 2001 CBS Citizen Baines

DAD: Senator Baines (James Cromwell) / Widower

DAD’S JOB: Has-Been Senator

KIDS: Ellen(Embeth Davidtz), Reeva(Jane Adams), Dori(Jacinda Barrett)(all 20-somethings)


STAND-IN “MOM”: Unknown

Neato – Stretch Cunningham invents the warp drive, runs for the Senate, loses the re-election, and winds up a TV Single Dad!

I’m one of the few people who’s actually seen this show. It was in the Doomed Zone of Saturday-evening primetime and now it’s dead and buried.

CBS claimed:

From megaproducer John Wells, who changed the one-hour series forever with ER and The West Wing, comes a dramatic new series about a prominent senator who has just lost his campaign for a fourth term. Knowing no other world than politics, he must return to his Seattle home and family to start living the next chapter in his now uncertain life.

CITIZEN BAINES focuses on his attempts to reconnect with the life he left behind when he headed to Capitol Hill, and with the three adult daughters whom he loves dearly but doesn’t yet know that well–the thriving attorney who just might be the heir to the Baines political legacy, the busy mother who resents her sisters’ lives as her marriage hits rocky ground, the youngest struggling to come out from her father’s shadow and carve out a life–and name–of her own. They are as uncertain and apprehensive as he is about what his return will mean for all of them.

With their father back home to stay, the disparate group is a family again. But there’s so much more that this family needs to be.

Update 1 November 2001Variety notes it’s official: CBS’s Citizen Baines has been sent packing. In a face-saving twist for the network producers John Wells and Lydia Woodward fell on their swords and “asked” the network to cancel the series. The producers claimed, “it doesn’t make sense to continue with a product that doesn’t have a financial upside.” So long, Senator!