Seth MacFarland’s Dads

Jim 2010s

Aired: 2013 (FOX)Dads

DAD #1: David (Peter Riegert) / Divorced

DAD #1’s JOB: Unemployed

KIDS #1: Eli(Seth Green)(30-ish)

WHERE’S MOM #1?: Unknown

DAD #2: Crawford (Martin Mull) / Divorced

DAD #2’s JOB: Failed financial consultant

KIDS #2: Warner(Giovanni Ribisi)(30-ish)

WHERE’S MOM #2?: Unknown

STAND-IN “MOM”: Veronica (Brenda Song) Admin Assistant to the sons

Not to be confused with the NBC show of the same name from the late 70’s, this “Dads” show is the brainchild of Seth MacFarlane. Imagine the plot of The Odd Couple, except Oscar and Felix moved into the respective homes of their sons. This may possibly flunk the Grandpa Munster Test, it’s never quite clear about the financial relationships between the fathers and sons. Didn’t feel like it was going to last too long, and it didn’t – – off the air the following May.