3rd Rock from the Sun

Jim 1990s

Aired: 1995-2001 (NBC)3rd Rock from the Sun

DAD: Dick Solomon (John Lithgow) / Actually an alien

DAD’S JOB: High Commander

KIDS: Tommy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) (apparent age 15)

WHERE’S MOM?: Mom’s a fake Guest Star! (Roseanne)


Here’s a show that pushes the TV Single Dad envelope: Does it count if both the “Dad” and the “Son” are actually impersonating human beings, when really they are a group of alien explorers? And if I’m letting this show in, do I have to let ‘Starman’ in, too?

Another tip of the Juliet Mills Memorial Nanny Hat to Greg Bulmash (greg@bulmash.com) for the always intriguing info. Thanks, Greg!

…And a flap of the Uncle Charley Memorial Dish Towel for Faith84@aol.com for the info about Dick’s alien ex-wife Janet. Thanks, Faith84!