Goof Troop

Jim 1990s


DAD: Goofy / Widower?Goof Troop

DAD’S JOB: Works for Pete – something to do with sales

KIDS: Max (14-ish)

WHERE’S MOM?:Unknown

STAND-IN “MOM”: Unknown

Gawrsh! Since the days of Pinocchio, the Disney Organization has been parlaying the Single Dad genre into hundreds of cartoons. In this venue, Goofy and Max live in the dog-eat-dog suburb of Spoonerville, and all sorts of wacky (or should I say, “goofy?”) hijinks ensue.

ABC, the gloved Hand of Disney, pumped this show on its network on Saturday mornings, and syndicated it on weekdays through the Disney’s Afternoon cartoon omnibus.