Jim 1980s

Aired: 1986-87 ABC

DAD: The Starman- "Paul Forrester" (Robert Hays) / Alien Reconstituted Guy

DAD’S JOB: Strange Visitor from Another World

KIDS: Scott Hayden (C.B. Barnes) (14)

WHERE’S MOM?: Mom, Jenny Hayden, is missing — the search is the story

STAND-IN "MOM": Liz Baynes (Erin Gray), maybe — "Paul’s" photo-assignment manager.

This is a toss-up, on-the-line question: What if Dad is an alien occupying the reconstituted body of another person, and actually was occupying the reconstituted body of another dad guy when he got your mom pregnant?

This show and Sky King generate the most mail from series fans. I mean LOTS of mail. Details about episode-by-episode plot points and minutiae. My advice is: if you want more details about the series, do a search on Starman fan sites.

The mail is very heartfelt about this show. Here’s a quote from "Chuck S." about how he sees the Starman & Son relationship, and the openness of that relationship in the series: One of the best examples of this in the show is a scene when Starman(Paul Forrester) is walking along the beach with Scott, and turns to his son and asks, "How am I doing — as a father?" The boy is stunned (as was I!), and that pretty well sums up the kind of father Starman is.Another scene has Scott turning to his dad and putting his arm around his dad’s shoulders, and saying, "how long do you think you would last without me to take care of you?" I can recall no other single dad role model on TV that was as powerful.Too bad all father/son relationships, or any relationship for that matter, couldn’t be the same. Each needed the other, and each enriched the other in immeasurable ways. And that’s what father-son relationships should be all about.

The actor playing Scott Hayden, C.B. Barnes, is probably better known to movie-goers as Greg Brady in the Brady Bunch Movie and its sequel.

A tap of the Ben Sisko Memorial Communicator pin for Todd Andrews ( for the information about Starman. Thanks, Todd!