Rags to Riches

Jim 1980s

Aired: 1987-88 NBC

DAD: Nick Foley (Joseph Bologna) / Bachelor

DAD’S JOB: Playboy

KIDS: Rose (16) (Kimiko Gelman), Marva (15) (Tisha Campbell), Diane (15) (Bridget Michele), Patty (13) (Blanca DeGarr), Mickey (7) (Heidi Zeigler)

WHERE’S MOM?: Dead, or something – they’re all orphans

STAND-IN "MOM": John Clapper (Douglas Seale) / Butler

Let me see if I can explain this show: Okay, picture Family Affair, only Uncle Bill has no family relation to these orphans. Plus there’s no little boy. Oh, and they live in a Jed Clampett-style mansion in Los Angeles. I think that comes pretty close. Did I mention that the show would stop frequently to have the orphans sing songs from the 60’s? And that the butler danced?

Can you believe this show stayed on the air an entire year?