Jim 1980s

Aired 1988-91 CBS

DAD: Ethan Allen Cord (Lee Horsley) / Single-Uncle

DAD’S JOB: Quickdraw Gunfighter

KIDS: Claire Carroll (Jenny Beck) (13), Joseph Carroll (Matthew Newmark) (11), Ben Carroll (Brian Lando) (9), George Carroll (Michael Patrick Carter) (5)

WHERE’S MOM?: Lucy Cord Carroll, sister of Ethan, died in Episode One

STAND-IN "MOM": Amelia Lawson (Sigrid Thornton) / Landlady-Girlfriend

Lots and lots of classic TV Single Dad elements in this show. Ethan Cord, like Andy Griffith, has a job protecting his town (in this case, it’s the Wild-West town of Paradise, California). Like Uncle Bill in Family Affair, he’s the uncle called upon to take care of his dead sister’s kids. And like Porter Ricks in Flipper, his exploits fighting bad guys typically wind up with his kids on the business end of a revolver. And this show lasted *4* entire years — a rarity in the chop-it-off 80’s.

A quick tip of the Bruce Wayne Memorial Cowl to Brígida González of Monterrey, N.L. México, for pointing out a missing Carroll child. Gracias, Brígida!