My Two Dads

Jim 1980s

Aired: 1987-88 NBC

DAD# 1: Michael Taylor (Paul Reiser) / Single

DAD#1’S JOB: Businessman

DAD# 2: Joey Harris (Greg Evigan) / Single

DAD#2’S JOB: Artist

KIDS: Nicole (Staci Keanan) (12)

WHERE’S MOM?: Recently dead ex-girlfriend of both Dads

STAND-IN "MOM": Judge Wilbur (Florence Stanley), who assigned both Dads joint custody.

This show, like the show to follow (ABC’s Full House), poses an interesting question: Are you a single Dad if you live with other single Dads?

Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan’s characters both had "flings" with the same woman a dozen years before the series started. When the show starts, the woman has died, leaving cute little Nicole in the care of the state. Wacky Judge Wilbur, who obviously has an eye for a potable sitcom, assigns the men joint custody of Nicole. So, Paul Reiser’s straitlaced Michael Taylor moves into swingin’ hippie/artist-type Joey Harris’s apartment. A good description of the show would be that it’s like Who’s the Boss? meets The Odd Couple. Oh and did I mention that Judge Wilbur (played by the woman who played Fish’s legendary wife, Bernice) is also Joey’s landlord? So, add Three’s Company into that mix.

**AUTHOR’S NOTE**: This is the show many people bring up when they’re trying to stump me on TV Single Dad shows. If you’ve asked me about the show, I’m guessing you’ve done a site search and found your answer right here. 🙂