Jim 1980s

Aired: 1985 CBS

DAD: Joey Nathan (Daniel Stern) / Single


KIDS: Dylan Nathan (Mikey Viso) (8)

WHERE’S MOM?: Don’t know.

STAND-IN "MOM": Don’t know.

This show didn’t focus on the Single Dad as the main character. Joey was one of an ensemble of characters within a larger story of kids from the 60’s who grew up and returned to their home town. You could say this show was a lot like the ABC series, thirtysomething, except that this show appeared two years before the ABC show. I guess thirtysomething is like this show, then. So, that being the case, Daniel Stern played the Peter Horton role of the easy-going "best buddy" of the main characters.

Guess the thirty-something audience wasn’t ready to watch a show like this yet. The series cratered in the ratings and was buried in two months.