Still the Beaver

Jim non-1980s

Aired: 1986
Still the Beaver


Questionable Dad: Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver (Jerry Mathers) / Divorced

DAD’S JOB: Unclear

KIDS: Oliver (John Snee)(9), Ward ‘Kip’ Cleaver(Kipp Marcus)(8)

WHERE’S MOM?: Divorced – no mention of where she is

STAND-IN “MOM”: June Cleaver(Barbara Billingsley)

Why It Doesn’t Count: In this series, the now-grown-up Beaver Cleaver of Leave It to Beaver fame is divorced, with theoretical custody of his two boys. The failure point on this series is that Beaver has moved back in with his mom, June (Barbara Billingsley), in his mom and dad’s old house. June, therefore, is head of household and therefore fails under The Grandpa Munster Law of "What Makes A TV Single Dad?" — "The Single Dad must be the head of the household in which his children reside". Yes, I’m being a little hard on the Beav, but rules are rules.