Down to Earth

Jim 1980s

Aired: 1984-87 TBS

DAD:Richard Preston (Stephen Johnson [1984], then Dick Sargent [1984-87]) / Widower

DAD’S JOB: Realtor

KIDS: Duane (David Kaufmann)(14), Elizabeth “Lissy” (Kyle Richards)(11) , J.J. (Randy Josselyn)(10)

WHERE’S MOM?: Quite Dead.

STAND-IN "MOM":Ethel MacDoogan (Carol Mansell) / Ex-flapper, now a housekeeper on Earth and an angel who’s working her way up to winged status

Syndicated sitcom about a flapper who was run over by a trolley in 1925, then sent back to Earth 60 years later to help out a TV Single Dad family in order to earn her wings. Similar to Clarence’s job in "It’s a Wonderful Life.". J.J. Preston wished for an angel to help the family and his prayers were answered when Ethel arrived. In return, Ethel orders him to keep her true identity a secret.

HUGE tip of the Andy Griffith Memorial Sherriff’s hat to Alert Viewer Jerrod Pietrala for the info and follow-ups on this little-known series. Many thanks for all the details, Jerrod!