The Tony Randall Show

Jim 1970s

Aired 1976-1977(ABC), 1977-1978(CBS)

Tony Randall Show


DAD: Judge Walter Franklin (Tony Randall ) / widower

DAD’S JOB: Judge

KIDS: Roberta “Bobby” Franklin (Devon Scott ’76-’77, Penny Peyser ’77-’78) (18), Oliver Wendell Franklin (Brad Savage) (11)

WHERE’S MOM?: Dead for past two years

STAND-IN “MOM”: Mrs. McClellan (Rachel Roberts) / housekeeper

How did I miss *this* one? This show, about a widowed Philadelphia judge and his two kids, was CLASSIC in terms of TV Single Dad templates. You’ve got the wacky housekeeper, the precocious kids, the one-episode girlfriends, and even Uncle Tonoose (Hans Conried) as Grandpa.

A large tilt of the Bruce Wayne Memorial Brass Shakespeare Head to Lynne Torgersen ( for pointing out this missing gem. Thanks Lynne!