The Mackenzies of Paradise Cove

Jim 1970s

Aired: 1979

Mackenzies of Paradise Cove


DAD: Cuda Weber (Clu Gulager) / Single

DAD’S JOB: Fishing Boat Operator

KIDS: Timothy Mackenzie (Keith Mitchell) (7), Michael (Sean Marshall) (12), Bridget (Lory Walsh) (17), Kevin (Shawn Stevens) (17).

WHERE’S MOM?: Drowned. So did Dad.

STAND-IN “MOM”: Unknown

I never saw this show, but based on the writeups I’ve seen, it’s not too much different from the 80’s show Father Murphy. A bunch of kids, not wanting to be split up after their parents drown in a boating accident, convince a tour boat operator to pose as their “uncle.” Not exactly sure if this show was a comedy or a drama. If you’ve seen this show, please e-mail me with your thoughts. Thanks!