It’s All Relative

Jim 2000s

Aired: 2003 ABC It's All Relative

Dad #1: Philip (John Benjamin Hickey) / Single (at least in 2003 Massachusetts)

DAD’S JOB: gallery owner

Dad #2: Simon (Christopher Siebert) / Single (at least in 2003 Massachusetts)

DAD’S JOB: gourmet chef

KIDS: Liz (Maggie Lawson) / 20-something

WHERE’S MOM?: unknown

STAND-IN “MOM”: The other life-partner, depending on which Dad you’re talking about

Picture Dharma and Greg, only they’re not married, Dharma lives with her parents in Boston, and her parents happen to be two gay men. And Greg’s parents are Irish Catholics. Wacky cultural clashes ensue. Not exactly My Two Dads, is it?

This show illustrates a recent phenomenon of television writing: the most ridiculous stereotypes of any group can be portrayed in a sitcom, as long as the stereotypes are promoted by a character of that same group. In this show, the gay couple *has to be* involved with food and interior decorating, wearing laughable “disguise hetero” lumberjack outfits, and waving hands when illustrating a point. So much for “television progress.” Oh, and my prediction on this show? Gone by Christmas.

Update: I was being optimistic – – it was gone by Thanksgiving.

Alert Viewers will note the return of Christopher Sieber to the TV Single Dad arena — he was Mary-Kate and Ashley’s dad on Two of a Kind.