The Tom Show

Jim 1990s

Aired: 1997 (The WB)The Tom Show

DAD: Tom Amross (Tom Arnold) / Divorced

DAD’S JOB: TV Show Producer

KIDS: Kenlon (Lisa Wilhoit) (13), Alissa (Mika Boorem) (9)

WHERE’S MOM?: Divorced Tom on live TV

STAND-IN “MOM”: Nobody really fit the bill

This show is obscure enough to be an urban legend. The WB network didn’t even list it on their web page when the show was in production! Hope you caught it fast because it had absolutely no support from its own network. It’s so forgotten, I’ll bet if you do a Google search on “The Tom Show”, this website will get a hit higher than Warner Bros.

According to rumor, Tom Arnold is a TV producer whose TV-star wife, Maggie (Shannon Tweed), divorces him on live televsion, then gives him custody of their two daughters. He leaves Hollywood for St. Paul, Minnesota, where he produces the morning TV show, “Breakfast With Charlie”

Update June 9, 1998: The dubba-dubba-WB has proclaimed this show to be officially DEAD! Now we’ll NEVER find out if Tom found a housekeeper! Bye, Tom!