Jim 1990s

Aired: 1999-2004 (The WB)Angel

DAD: Angel (David Boreanaz)/ Single

DAD’S JOB: Vampire Righter-of-Wrongs

KIDS: Connor (Vincent Kartheiser) / all grown-up baby

WHERE’S MOM?: Gone in a puff of smoke

STAND-IN “MOM”: Unknown

Wow – when the episode where Angel becomes a Dad aired, I think I got fifty emails about this show.

Here’s the scoop from Alert Viewer Veronica:

Yes he is a single dad. A freak incident/prophecy made him able to make a baby with Darla (former Vampire lover). In a dramatic episode, she killed herself (they turn to dust) when she was having problems having the baby and poof there was Connor. The baby was then stolen by a bad guy who took him to a hell dimension and poof the next season Connor was all grown up and had a big attitude towards his dad. Probably more than you wanted to know.