The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

Jim 1990s

Aired: 1996 (Syndication)Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

DAD #1: Dr. Benton Quest (voice of George Segal, first season; John DeLancie, second season) / Widower

DAD #1’S JOB: Scientist / Maniac

KIDS OF DAD #1: Jonny Quest (14), Hadji (16)

WHERE’S MOM?: Murdered.

STAND-IN “MOM”: Roger “Race” Bannon

DAD #2: Roger “Race” Bannon (voice of Robert Patrick, Season 1; Granville Van Dusen, then Robert Foxworth, Season 2) / Divorced

DAD #2’S JOB: Babysitter / Bodyguard

KIDS OF DAD #2: Jesse Bannon (Voice of Jesse Douglas, season one; Jennifer Hale, season 2) (15)

WHERE’S MOM #2?: Archaeologist in Columbia

STAND-IN “MOM”: Mom (Estella), down in South America

This is NOT your father’s Jonny Quest:

Jonny and Hadji are older in this show, and a lot more self-sufficient than their 60’s incarnations. Their being left alone by Dr. Quest is more reasonable, mostly because they are more mature in their approach to adventure and mayhem.

The biggest change to this show’s format is the creation of a new TV Single Dad in a familiar character: Race Bannon! Race has a live-in daughter named Jessie. Jessie’s mom lives in South America. It’s unclear exactly why Jessie lives with Dad but, as the show is still in production, perhaps the reasons will become more clear.

Hey, and isn’t it cool that Race’s voice was being done by the guy who played the T-1000 from Terminator 2?

Update: Alert Viewer Ina-Chan sent in some fascinating details about the rebirth of Jonny’s show. For example:

1996 JQ revealed Jonny’s mother to be named “Rachel”.

1996 Race Bannon had three voice actors: Robert Patrick in Season 1; Granville Van Dusen in Season 2 — but he was replaced by Robert Foxworth after two episodes.

1996 Jonny had two voice actors: J.D. Roth (of “Funhouse” fame) in Season 1, and Quinton Flynn in season 2.

1996 Hadji had two voice actors: Michael Benyaer (Bob from Season 1 and 2 “ReBoot”) in season 1, and Rob Paulsen (Yakko from “Animaniacs”) in Season 2.

Jessica “Jessie” Velasquez Bannon had two voice actresses: Jesse Douglas in Season 1, and Jennifer Hale (Felicia Hardy from “Spiderman”) in season 2.

Race’s ex’s name is Estella Velasquez, an archaeologist from Columbia.

Thanks for the details, Ina-Chan!

One more aside: If you want to hear a great rendition (by the Rev. Horton Heat) of the Jonny Quest theme, check out MCA Records’ Saturday Morning, available wherever fine records are sold. Note the six chord changes in the song. Cool!

A tip of the Andy Griffith Memorial Sheriff’s Cap to Ben ( for the marital status of Race and the vocal ID on Dr. Quest. Thanks, Ben!

…And a loud ring of the Bruce Wayne Memorial Bat Phone for ‘Nancy’ for spotting Race Bannon’s ex’s first name. Thanks again, Nancy!