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50 Years of TV Single Dads

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Right now, I've identified more than one hundred sixty occasions of TV Single Dads on American television, spanning the years 1952-present. A single list would be unwieldy, so I've split the list into decade-groupings:

  • The Fifties and Sixties - When all the basics of the genre got hammered out.
  • The Seventies - Perhaps the thickest concentration of Single Dads on television was during the Age of Polyester.
  • The Eighties - Who's taking care of whom? The revisionist Single Dad shows, where the Dads take the backseat.
  • The Nineties - Single Dads in space and on cable. Quite a few made out of PAINT!
  • The 00's - Living with Single Dads in the 21st Century.
  • The 10's - TV Dads, long after TV went away.
  • Dad Planet - Single Dad shows from around the world.
  • Fall Preview - What's coming up later this year in TV Single Dad-Land?

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