TV Single Dads in Your Classroom

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It seems this site has become a real educational resource, because every semester I get dozens of e-mails from students writing papers about single dads on TV.

If you're within a 100-mile radius of Ft. Worth, Texas, I can bring a fascinating presentation about Single Dads on TV right to your classroom. These lectures are from 30 minutes to 2 hours long and include the following topics:

  • The history of Single Dads on TV
  • The "rules" for being a TV Single Dad
  • Archetypes of the TV Single Dad genre
  • Narrative strategies employed by over 150 Single Dad TV shows.

Historical timelines, societal changes, and viewer demographics are some of the areas highlighted in the lectures. Relevant video clips from current series will be shown during the lecture to illustrate various aspects of the TV Single Dad tradition.

Classroom Requirements:

  • Video projector with VGA input
  • AC power strip


You may e-mail me at Jim@TVDads.com to arrange a lecture time. Please contact me at least four weeks in advance - and note that my schedule fills up rapidly as the semester progresses.

About the Author:

Jim O'KaneJim O'Kane

Jim O'Kane is the author of the TV Single Dads Hall of Fame (www.TVDads.com), a website covering the 50-year history of single fathers on television. The site was named by ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY as one of the "Thirty Most-Entertaining Sites on the Web."

Numerous publications (The Wall Street Journal, TV Guide, The Washington Post) have published frequent articles about the site.

Jim O'Kane has lectured at Shenandoah University, George Mason University, and the University of Pennsylvania on the topics of television, web technologies, and TV Dads.

A real-life single dad, Jim lives in the suburbs of Ft. Worth, Texas.

A Note on Citations

I get emails from students asking about the appropriate manner to cite quotes from this website. My source authority on research papers is Kate Turabian's classic, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations.

There are two styles: one for footnotes, and the other for bibliographies. Note that the citations should include the date of when you accessed the web page. Here are examples of both citation styles for the Christopher Titus interview:


6. Jim O'Kane, "The TV Single Dads Interview: Christopher Titus", TV Single Dads Hall of Fame, http://www.TVDads.com/tvdchristophertitus.shtml [accessed June 1, 2018].


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