Better Ask Dad First

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A great interview is like the final round of a game show. You're under a lot of pressure with a celebrity guest to get the right answers in a limited amount of time - all while folks on the sidelines are screaming at you.

I didn't realize how much feedback I'd be getting about these interviews when I added this section. My initial view was that this part of the website would be a footnote to the rest of the site. However, as I've been adding interviews, Alert Viewers have been sending me follow-up questions, comments, and corrections to what I've written in the transcripts.

That's what these interviews are, mostly: transcripts. I've tried writing around the interviews and using only the witty quips and condensed anecdotes. But I've learned that using brief quotes and removing the ebb and flow of an interview really impacts on the stories about getting the interview.

These little one-on-ones (or in some cases, two-on-ones) are about as "live" as I can make them on the page. I've left in all the um's and ahhh's because taking them out removes the "flavor" of the interview.  Each of these train wrecks is yours to enjoy. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Tom Amandes - Once, he was Elliott Ness - then, he became the cranky guy on Everwood. Great talk about putting together the first season.
  • Dan Aykroyd - My first, and one of my best interviews. It's really a good example of my patented Panic Interview Method.
  • Royana Black - An interview with Miranda, of the 80's Raising Miranda series.
  • Scott Bryce - America's Most-Married Guest Star, also the Single Dad on the WB's Popular. Interesting insights on dealing with the adoring public, and coping with the constant evaluations from the Powers That Be.
  • Vivian Cardone - She starred as Russell Crowe's invisible little friend in A Beautiful Mind, and then she became a real little girl in Everwood.
  • John Glover - A chat with the baddest TV Single Dad on the planet, Lex Luthor's dad from Smallville offers insights on this iconic series.
  • Brenda Hampton - The creator of 7th Heaven discusses her career, and explains the cancellation of Safe Harbor.
  • Ben "Cooter" Jones - An icon of rural comedies, the actor and former Congressman explains the Tao of Uncle Jesse.
  • Stacey Keach - Papa Titus chats about the importance of letting kids stick forks in electrical outlets!
  • Wallace Langham - Nice guy, vocal star of the WB's animated Mission Hill - lots of panic in this dizzying phone interview.
  • Jeremy Lelliott - An impressive teenager with a promising future. Lots of detail on the trials of filming a show on the shores of Jacksonville, for the WB's Safe Harbor.
  • Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein - Great half-hour interview from the producers of The Simpsons, and also the guys responsible for producing/writing the WB's Mission Hill.
  • Scott Patterson - Lorelei's Luke from The Gilmore Girls talks about *not* giving the audience what they want.
  • Tony Plana - A fantastic on-set interview with the star of Showtime's Resurrection Boulevard.
  • Katie Sweet - Long sought-after star of TV's Hank program, Katie checks with in an update on what's been happening for the past 30+ years.
  • Christopher Titus - Technical chat on the nature of "Funny" in TV Single Dad shows by the writer/creator/star.
  • Robert Urich - A brief interview with the late actor and record four-time TV Single Dad.
  • Johnny Whitaker - The original Jody from the original Family Affair sheds some light on generational differences in TV watching.
  • Michael Jai White - From ABC's Wonderland - a great on-set interview.

Enjoy, and e-mail me if the mood strikes.