Fall Preview

2015 Fall Preview

A Few Rare Examples This Season

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The march of TV Single Dads continues yearly. In the six-decade history of TV Single Dads, there's never been a season without new shows in this genre.

Fall 2015 appears to be a very limited selection for TV Single Dads. So far as can be discerned from the network blubs and trailers, only one new show featuring TV Single Dads has been spotted on the schedule

There is a rarity in this show, though: the seldom-seen double TV Single Dad series, this time featuring a TV Single Dad who's also the father of a TV Single Dad.


Grandfathered 2015



DAD #1: Jim Martino(John Stamos) / Bachelor

DAD #1'S JOB: Restauranteur

KIDS: Gerald (See Dad #2)

WHERE'S MOM #1?: Sara (Paget Brewster) Nearby


DAD #2: Gerald(Josh Peck) / Bachelor

DAD #2'S JOB: Unknown

KIDS: Edie (infant)

WHERE'S MOM #1?: Nearby


Swingin' bachelor in his early 50's Jim Martino has no idea that his former girlfriend had a son, and that Jim is the father. Said son shows up on Dad's doorstep one day -- with a daughter of his own. Wild hijinx ensue.

Show headliner John Stamos is no stranger to TV Single Dads, as he was Uncle Jesse on the iconic 90's series "Full House." Whether or not this series has the legs of Stamos's previous show is left as an exercise for the viewer.