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Quiz Time!

Okay, Smarty-Pants: Show us what you know...

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Which of these IS NOT a TVSD show? Popular

Which TVSD is caring for the most children? Sir Thomas Grey (Nigel Terry), "Covington Cross"
Ethan Cord (Lee Horsley), "Paradise"
Jake Hatton (Danny Thomas), "One Big Family"
Father Murphy (Merlin Olsen), "Father Murphy"

Who has NOT played a TVSD? Sam Waterston
Jack Black
Randy Quaid
Louis Gossett, Jr.

Who has NOT played a TVSD? James Earl Jones
Mark Harmon
Conan O'Brien

Which of these TVSD shows also features a single mom as a regular character? Nanny and the Professor
Gilmore Girls
Full House
Venture Bros

TVSD Andy Taylor of "The Andy Griffith Show" is: A sheriff
A park ranger
A state trooper
A circuit court judge

Who was the "Stand-In Mom" on My Three Sons? Uncle Joe
Uncle Charlie
The Colonel

Who was the "Stand-In Mom" on Bonanza? Hop Sing
Mr. Miyagi
Sammee Tong
Mrs. Livingston