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Quiz Time!

Okay, Smarty-Pants: Show us what you know...

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TVSD Mel Horowitz of "Clueless" is: A lawyer
A Hollywood producer
An author
An accountant

TVSD Dr. Katz is: A pediatrician
A professor of philosophy
A therapist
A fraud. He's not really a doctor.

Which of these IS NOT a TVSD show? The Robert Guillaume Show
The Tony Danza Show
The Redd Foxx Show
The Bob Saget Show

TVSD Worf of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" has a son named: Morf

TVSD Rusty Venture of "The Venture Brothers" has two sons named: Hank and Gene
Brock and Dean
Frank and Bean
Hank and Dean

TVSD Danny Tanner of "Full House" has three daughters named: CJ, Stephanie, and Michelle
DJ, Stephanie, and Mary-Kate
CJ, Stephanie, and Ashley
DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle

Who has NOT played a TVSD? James Earl Jones
Mark Harmon
Conan O'Brien

Mrs. Livingston was the "Stand-In Mom" for: Opie